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Interior Painting Service

Your home is a valuable investment and just like most things in life, what you get out is exactly what you put in. Get ready for a real transformation by interior home painting experts at Real Support! From beginning to end, we provide a unique experience that gives your home a new look and feel. Whether you need a touch-up, new color or an entirely new idea, we work hard and professionally to customize your design and make everything great.

When you choose to work with our interior house painters, you assured of high-level professionalism, exceptional customer service, and new home when we finish. Our house interior painting solutions specifically designed to save you the hassle of finding a reliable interior house painter to customize your project and deliver WOW results.

Discover the Difference We Make!

Indeed, certified and well-trained interior house painters can add great value to your home. At Real Support, we make your satisfaction our No.1 priority. Based on your proposal and expectations, our Service Partner will give you a list of all required products and equipment to enable our team to deliver the excellent service from start to finish.

Real Support gives you the pleasure to decide the right balance of quality and cost. Armed with the supplies you avail, we give your home a completely fresh, new look and a fine finish of professional painting with a difference. In this way, you can decide and control your cost for the best Handwork Service in Rugby and Coventry areas in the UK. We can guarantee the cost will be 30% cheaper compared to other company with a similar service. As we are, “Real Support” is Cheap and Professional service in Rugby and Coventry areas in the UK.

From surface scouring to thorough cleanup thereafter, we are certainly a hard worker you will love to work with. If you are disappointed in the painters, you got after searching for commercial painters near you. Then try Real Support, we never disappoint you! We provide residential and commercial interior painting service you will be proud to show off. Whether you want a repair person to paint your walls, doors, ceilings, cabinets, mantels, molding, windows or paneling, basements, hallways, or garage floors, this is it!

Specialist Tips & Recommendations

Of course, sometimes choosing the right shade to complement, change the mood and dynamic or transform your living space into something completely new and positive can be a daunting task. When you need change but do not know what you want, our experts can help.

Our experienced service partner can provide free, color consultation to help you make the right decision. A perfect color choice works to complement our handwork services including interior painting service, interior renovating service, and Handyman service. During their visit to your home, our Service Partners and colorists will analyze your interior and exterior space and make recommendations on the most suitable colors for your home. You can then work closely with the Service Partners/indoor house painters to ensure the outcome is as envisioned by you.

Having Monday Blues in your home? Turn to Real Support to change that color and give you some peace of mind. Our highly qualified and experienced team of interior house painters is all you need. If you have been looking for professional painters or interior renovating service, and Handwork service, we are actually a click or call away—we are Real Support! We are the go-to interior painters and house interior renovating experts in Newcastle.

Simple, No Obligation Booking Service

We offer free, no-obligation price estimates for any of our services including Painting, Renovating, repairing, Handyman, Cleaning, Tiles work, kitchen install, furniture Building, etc. and all related services. So why go for less than the best Service in The UK? Contact Real Support now for a wonderful experience!

Bathroom Renovation 

Whether you want completely replace your bathroom’s tiling, exhaust fans, and lighting, cabinets or plumbing fixtures, our Real Support Service Partner is ready to accommodate all your bathroom renovation needs. 

Kitchen Renovation 

Whether you want to expand your kitchen area for more usable space or update its look to be more aesthetically pleasing and modern, we can help you completely transform your kitchen.  Real Support's network of partners is ready to help.   

Basement Renovation

Whether you have envisioned your basement transformed into an extra family room, a home office, a home theater or a game room, our professional Real Support Handyman uses their experience to work with you to create the perfect basement space.

Additional services we provide include...

  • Walls: plaster, wallpaper, point, skim

  • Ceiling: wallpaper, plaster, point, skim

  • Floor: oil varnish, lay new laminate, tiles

  • Doors: repair, replace, installing new, seal off

  • Kitchen: install, renew, tile

  • Shelves: construct, wall mount

  • Bathroom: renovate, tiles

  • Staircase: renovate or repair 

  • Water pipes: change, renew

  • Flat pack furniture: construct 

Using our platform, you can hire experts to complete these jobs and more to a high standard. There are Real Support Partners ready to bring your project to life. 

Booking a service

Booking service is simple.  Head over to our pricing page, select the service that you want and give us a brief description of what you would like done, then select a date and time to start the work. You can estimate the hours you think the work will take; you will be advised if the time allotted will be sufficient once the job requirements fully understood.

One of our professional Service Partners will review your proposal as soon as you submit the information through our portal. You will receive a confirmation once one of our experts has accepted the proposal. A detailed conversation will take place, possibly including a visit to ensure that all necessary equipment needed and any other important information will be provided to our Service Partner.

You arrange all the necessary equipment & supplies for the job. This way you can decide the right balance of quality and cost.  The advantage to you is clear.  Rather than being tied to one provider of paint, tiles or kitchen units, you select what you want from where you want it, giving you complete cost & quality control.  If you need advice about what is required, your Real Support Partner will advise you.

On the Day:

When the day arrives, there are some suggestions about preparations to make.  Make sure any valuable or delicate items removed or protected.  Make sure any pets are safe and comfortable away from the work areas; no one wants fresh paw prints tracked through the house.  

As the painting continues throughout the day, our professional Service Partner will ensure the quality of work is excellent. They will complete a walkthrough with you while the paint is drying to make sure no touch-ups are required, and then clean up fully. You will receive a follow-up call the next day to ensure the colors and products meet all your expectations. It will be as we were never there – except you will have freshly painted walls to come home to!

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